Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Midweek Meditation: Corporation vs Family

How do we run the Church? George Ritzer in the McDonaldization of the Church talks about four aspects of how the Church has become like the fast food chain. Efficiency; Calculability; Predictability; and Control. Daniel J. Bennett compares the differences between a corporation and a family as follows (emphases mine).

  • A corporation sacrifices an individual for the common good.
    A family sacrifices for the good of the individual. 

  • Membership in a corporation is voluntary and temporary.
    Membership in a family is mandatory and permanent.

  • Relationships in a corporation are based upon mutual benefit.
    Relationships within a family are based upon sacrificial love.
  • The leader of a corporation is a CEO.
    The leader of a family is a shepherd.  

(Daniel J. Bennett, A Passion for the Fatherless, Kregel Publications, 2014, p150)

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