Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Powerful Testimony - John Volken

John Volken is a Canadian philanthropist and a humanitarian aiming to make this world a better place where he is. The headlines are pretty captivating like the VanCity Buzz's "Meet John Volken: The man who donated his entire personal wealth to charity ($150 million!)" or the Vancouver Sun's "Philanthropy has been John Volken’s hardest and most rewarding job." Founder of the John Volken Academy, a safe house created to give recovering alcoholics and drug addicts to rehabilitate and a second chance at life, Surrey-based Volken has given away millions of his personal wealth to humanitarian causes not only in Canada but other parts of the world. He is also an astute businessman, building up United Furniture Warehouse to more than 150 stores with $200 million in annual sales.   He sold his business in 2004 in order to concentrate on helping various areas of social neglect by setting up a John Volken Foundation. In doing so, he channels his personal assets and uses them to fund his many social help initiatives. From John Volken Academy (Formerly WelcomeHome) in Surrey to LiftTheChildren in Kenya, Volken continues to be active in both humanitarian and charitable causes, so much so that he has been voted Immigrant of the Year 2014.

See his story here.


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