Monday, January 18, 2016

My Son's Commissioning (17 Jan 2016)

Yesterday was a proud moment for my wife and I. My son commissioned as an officer after 38 grueling weeks of training, both locally and overseas. He has done well and yesterday, he was commissioned among 582 officer cadets (OCTs). Among them are 454 (army), 66 (navy), and 62 (air force). Below are some video clips of the happy occasion.

A) Excited parents waiting from as early as 3pm. Parade starts at 1741 hours.

B) The contingent marches singing the OCS song.

C) My son is among the five carrying the parade colours. He is behind the one carrying the Singapore flag.

D) Singapore President doing the review of the contingents

E) Religious leaders from different faiths praying for the about to be commissioned officers

F) The Commissioning Moment (After the reciting of the SAF Creed)

G) Slow Marching Out by the Newly Commissioned Officers (99/15 cohort)

H) Parents Fixing the Epaulette. We got lost in the crowd and couldn't find him. Thankfully....

I) Finally .. . .. ..  (If you are interested, here's the officer's creed)

J) Proud Moment for Us

All smiles around.

Congratulations Aaron! We're so proud of you.


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