Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Midweek Meditation: First Century Wisdom (Clement of Rome)

Clement of Rome (1st Century Bishop of Rome)
On Peace
"O God, make us children of quietness, and heirs of peace."

On the Love of Christ:
"Out of love our Lord took us to himself; because he loved us and it was God's will, our Lord Jesus Christ gave his life blood for us - he gave his body for our body, his soul for our soul."

On the World
"We must look on all things of this world as none of ours, and not desire them. This world and that to come are enemies. We cannot therefore be friends to both, but must resolve which to forsake and which to enjoy."

On Praises
"We should let God be the One to praise us and not praise ourselves. For God detests those who commend themselves. Let others applaud our good deeds. "

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