Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ten Fresh KidMin Research Findings

In 2014, the Awana International organization decided to do a survey of hundreds of children's ministry leaders and workers to find out about the reasons why they are in the children's ministry in the first place; what impact they see; what it takes to minister; what matters most; and so on. The results are summarized in this book entitled, "The Gospel Truth about Children's Ministry." You can read an excerpt here. Here is a list of ten key findings. If you purchase the book, you will find supporting data and tips for how to go about following up with them.
  1. Whatever You Do, Remember It’s Still All About the Word of God. (Bible)
  2. Lifelong Discipleship Is the Outcome for Which We’re Looking. (Discipleship)
  3. The Starting Point in Discipleship Is the Gospel: Leading Kids to Know Christ. (Gospel)
  4. Emphasis on Evangelism and the Centrality of the Bible Is How We Make Lifelong Disciples. (Evangelism)
  5. It Really Does Take a Village: Discipleship Is Relational and Engages the Family. (Community / Church)
  6. We’re Struggling to Develop Kids Who Can Navigate Culture and Live Out a Gospel-Centered Faith. (Culture Engagement)
  7. Children’s Ministry Leaders Are Afraid We May Have Sacrificed Substance for Fun and Entertainment. (Fundamentals First)
  8. We Need a Program That Can Meet Digital Natives Where They Are. (Technology)
  9. We Need Flexibility So We Can Customize to Our Purpose and Needs. (Adaptable)
  10. Children’s Ministry Leaders Are Ready to Change If Curriculum Providers Can Provide Them With the Right Resource to Help. (Support Resources)
Some quotes from the book:
  • “The objective of any children’s ministry should be to equip children with the tools they will need for life to grow as a disciple, defend their faith effectively, and make other disciples along their journey.
  •  “Helping workers understand that the goal is evangelism and discipleship and relationships with families – that we aren’t just running programs so kids will be busy at church.”
  • "Many fear that in the overwhelming busyness of running a children’s ministry program, we may have lost sight of the priority — making disciples of kids, parents, and leaders." 
  • ...

This is a good resource to use in knowing the changing and challenging environment we are in.


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