Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Midweek Meditation: "Four Responsive Calls to Worship"

Starting this week, I will be sharing a few responsive prayers that we can use for each Sunday of the Church year. Here are some calls to worship.

For Epiphany:
Leader: You are here for us, O God;
All: You give us security in an uncertain world.
Leader: You encourage us to sing new songs
All: You joyfully set us free to worship You
Leader: You challenge us as we go on the journey of life
All: It is Your gracious love that leads us on the paths of righteousness
Leader: You lead us in worshiping You in Spirit and in Truth.
All: We will worship You in Spirit and in Truth

For Pentecost Sunday
Leader:Holy Spirit, come among us!
All: Inspire our worship, and strengthen our faith
Leader:Holy Spirit, lead and guide us
All: Direct our worship, and sharpen our focus
Leader: Holy Spirit, draw us nearer to God
All: We will worship and sing praises unto God
Leader: Holy Spirit work in us
All: That we may lift up the Name of Jesus, to glorify the Father, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Trinity Sunday
Leader: Gracious God, You are Creator of the Universe; Giver of all Things; and Source of all life
All: We want to worship You
Leader: Jesus Christ the Son is the chosen One to reign forever more
All: We will reign with Him in accordance to Your Word
Leader: Holy Spirit, inspire us to worship and praise You
All: We will worship You in Spirit and in Truth.

Any Sunday
Leader: Our Heavenly Father is God of Love
All: We praise our Heavenly Father for His great and mighty Love
Leader: Our Lord Jesus Christ is our Shepherd and the Light of our salvation
All: We praise our Lord Jesus for guiding us and showing us the way
Leader: Our Comforter and Counselor, the Holy Spirit is dwelling among us
All:  We praise the Holy Spirit for living in us, for walking with us, and dwelling among us.
Leader: Let us worship the Triune God together
All: We will worship the Divine Triune God.

Feel free to use these calls to worship. Just credit it back to this site.


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