Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tough Questions to Tackle

Tough Questions about God's OmniScience

(1) If God is All-knowing, Why did God put the tree of good & evil in the Garden of Eden when He jolly well know that Adam & Eve is going to eat the forbidden fruit in the first place? Isn't it then an open invitation for Adam & Eve to sin? Is God trying to play a trick on humankind?

(2) Why did God allow Evil and Suffering to exist in this world? Granted that this is the price of freedom to choose. However, wouldn't there be a chance that this type of freedom is in a sense a 'bondage' to choose correctly?

(3) If God already knew that man will sin, and He put in place the redemption plan, still, isn't it an unnecessary act of suffering for everyone, including God?

(4) If God is so Perfect, what is wrong to create us all perfect? Maybe the argument that He does not want to create robots, but what about, we being given the choice to choose to be robots?

So anyone care to try to tackle these questions?


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