Tuesday, January 31, 2006

School Fees increase again

Hickory Dickory Dock
The student went up to the notice board
The board read: "School Fee Increase!"
The heart came down
Heartedly downwardly Drop....
Tick tock!

That's life as a poor student. Another fee increase, this time it really makes me feel for students who have already taken on a loan. Imagine. Future pastors and church leaders feeling heavily in debt after Bible school. Something is wrong indeed. What can we do? Spend less? Earn more? (but how can one do well fulltime and yet finance the very expensive studies?) I do not know. $430 per credit. That's a lot of money! Wonder what will happen if fee increase caused students to drop out of Bible School? Is it only the rich can study and prepare for the ministry? Though I must thank God that I am not poor to the point of starvation, any fee increase is a heart-dropping experience. Hope that at least at the end of my course, I still have enough money to buy a ticket home. Cannot imagine that at the end of my course, my new course of direction will begin with my bank account near zero, almost broke and only depending on grace. Is that what life is all about? But put it this way. Better broke in the pocket than a broken household. We are grateful that during this period, our family has bonded together even more. That's what we sometimes do not realise. Back home, I guess in our busyness to earn money, we forget to see our kids growing up. Here we constantly marvel at the little peculiar habits of all our growing up stages. Guess though we might be nearly broke, there will be jobs available back home for us when we get back.

It can be an extremely tough time to finish the Regent program not ASAP but AFAP (As fast as possible). Hey maybe ASAP should be "As Speedily As Possible" or "As Spiritually as Possible"?


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