Friday, May 26, 2006

When Unity Flounders (Clement of Rome)

Whatever it is, sometimes there will be times where issues can become very divisive. Clement of Rome, a bishop sometime in AD100 have the following advice:

"Suppose there is friction and bad feelings in your church - what should you do, especially if you are involved in the arguments and divisions yourself? Further, let's suppose that you are in the right, that the trouble is not your fault, and that you are a mature and compassionate person. In that case, I suggest that you shall say to the elders and members of the church:

If I am in any way the cause of this trouble, even if unwittingly, or if my presence will in any way serve to perpetuate it, I will move away anywhere you wish, and do anything the congregation says - anything, if it will contribute to peace among Christ's flock and its pastors.

Anyone who adopts this attitude will deserve a high reputation amongst Christians and God's approval."

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