Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Term Old Friends

Regent College's Fall 2006 term has started. While it is nice to see new people, and having new kids on the block, it is more heart-warming to see friends. Holding small-talk takes effort and it is often better to simply catch-up up with old friends, people we have known over the past 2 years. No need to rehash: "Hi, what's your name? Where are you from?"

But, be real. We live in a transient world. People come and people go. The Hi-Bye syndrome that we dread also happens in a theological college. But may every 'Hi' be a recognition of that common bond in the Lord Jesus. May every 'Bye' be a send off of blessing. The task is how to do that authentically and with passion.

Somehow, we need to have a theology of smalltalk. It is absolutely essential in a culture of little time and many 'coincidental' meetings. Maybe, one day we'll learn how to build good and lasting friendships not dependent by the need to spend a long stretch of time together (though still the preferred way), but with multiple snippets of word and short quips that can be sustained over the years. I got that feeling that such will increasingly be the only opportunity available to us. Unless somethiing zaps the technology of the world and slows us back to the stone age. Maybe then, we can seriously build any relationship through face to face interaction rather than via the wire.


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