Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Singapore: Wireless Broadband enabled Islandwide

It's about time. After a spate of bad news (haze) and negative publicity (IMF protests) about the island,this is one piece of good news. An added incentive to return home soon.


1) News.com: "Singapore one nation under WiFi"
2) Asia1.com: "Free wireless net access at public areas"
3) ChannelnewsAsia: Channelnewsasia
4) Today online: "Singapore, one giant hotspot"
5) Infoword Netherlands: "Previewing Singapore's free Wi-Fi service"

Seems like the freebies are back in town. Perhaps competition has played its hand, as neighbouring JB in Malaysia, is also gearing up for a citywide wireless initiative. Based on historical data, Singapore has a better track record for things on schedule.


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