Monday, November 27, 2006

Staying home

It is a snowstorm. UBC Vancouver is closed because of the campus wide power outage. Regent College and VST is closed. Most post-secondary schools are closed. We have to reason with our kids that even if we can successfully maneuver our car to their school, we have to think about the return trip. Despite their pleas, we decided to stay home.

Seems like almost the entire city is on a standstill. Without power and long delays with all kinds of transportation, it is much safer to stay home. Moreover, the current civil services are already maxed out. Firstly, we avoid becoming another statistic in the accident prone snowy conditions. Secondly, we can enjoy the nice and clean fluffy snow falling all over. Seems like God is giving us a nice early Christmas snowfall. More news available at the links below:

1) "Schools, roads closed after snowfall"
2) "Snow causes flight delays"
3) "Pile-ups, emergencies plague snow-struck B.C."
4) "Say it ain't snow! B.C. blanketed"
5) "Lights are off"
6) "News AM 1130 Storm Watch"


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