Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bye Bye Christmas Tree Part II

So the protests are fast and furious.

The Canadian Muslim Congress has branded the Toronto judge's decision as "stupidity", and urged the return of the Christmas tree. They say correctly that "political correctness" instead of the Christmas tree should be banned. Ontario residents are peeved. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty describes the ban as unfortunate. News radio AM1130 shows a 93-94% of listeners (as of 3PM today) disagreeing with the judge's decision to ban the Christmas tree.

Back in 2002, there was a similar incident when people wanting not to offend non-Christians decided to call the Christmas Tree a "Holiday Tree" instead, leading to the mayor, a Jewish to order that the Christmas Tree should forever be named a "Christmas Tree."

Then-mayor Mel Lastman, who is Jewish, ordered staff to call it a Christmas tree. He then introduced a bylaw that prohibits the tree from being given any other name. (link)

It takes a Jew to protect the name of a Christmas tree. There is a better way to embrace multiculturalism. Instead of "negative actions", described by banning and disallowing the different expressions of culture, multicultural acceptance is is best exemplified by a "positive affirmation" by celebrating and recognizing that there are different periods during the year that is special to the individual groups. Like Veterans Day, Independence Day, Chinese New Year, different festivals of different religious groups, and of course Christmas. Those who understand the message and meaning of Christmas, will fully welcome the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of giving and sharing, of family ties and loving, of joy, peace and goodwill to all people. However, those who ban any symbols of Christmas, will miss out on the meaning and love of Christmas. What a pity if that were to happen.

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