Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bye Bye Christmas Tree?

What's happening to Canadian society?

A Toronto judge has ordered the removal of a Christmas tree from the lobby of a provincial courthouse because it is a "Christian symbol" that it "alienates people of other creeds and traditions." This decision is not a unique one. One was also removed in a Seattle airport when a local rabbi "asked to have an 8-foot menorah displayed" next to the Christmas tree (see picture).

Has secularisation and the desire to please people of other religions gone to the other extreme? In the first place, a Christmas tree is no closer to the Christian faith, than an Easter bunny to a rock on the moon. Secondly, even if it is true that a Christmas tree is a Christian symbol, it is only put up during the Christmas season. Who would put up a Christmas tree in the middle of a temple of another religion, or during the hot summer months where Christmas is not celebrated? Thirdly, by deciding not to offend the religions of the other faiths, have the court considered the act as offensive to the Christian people, when the judge base the decisions on "Christian symbols"? I find it absurd even to think that it is ok to offend Christians while it is not ok to offend non-Christians. Double standards.

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