Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Campaign is Over.

Last Tuesday's chapel service (9 Jan 2007) was a moving one. Dr Rod Wilson, President of Regent College addressed the entire college and announced that the $14.5 million campaign for the "Writing the Next Chapter" is over. For a stunning full couple of minutes, everybody stood up, looked at the President, and naturally many eyes looked upwards to see the five vertical banners (Symbolizing: Creation, Incarnation, Resurrection, Pentecost, Eschathon). There were no words spoken, simply a spontaneous and united clapping of hands, and many shed tears of delight and joy at God's faithfulness. Deep in all of our hearts, we knew this is only possible because of God.

The entire Regent Community prayed hard and that God will allow the entire project to be completed debt free. A key philosophy in the campaign is that it should not cost students additional money to pay for the cost of the project. God gave much more, through the many donors and people who believed in the Regent College ethos and vision. This is even more amazing simply to think that this campaign is over and above the existing financial giving required for the operational needs of the college. As a Regent student, I am proud to be a part of this very spiritual experience. I am glad that even though we as a community went through ups and downs, experiencing deaths and life, heartaches and joy, challenging yet rewarding circumstances, despite the disappointments encountered (we are still human), we are still glad to be a part of the legendary Regent experience. Some people may say that the Regent name itself commands a premium. I think $14.5 million raised even before the project has been completed, in a non-profit institution, tells us that there is no way a name in itself can ever achieve the target. It is absolutely because of the faithfulness of God, expressed through the fruits and lives of Regent graduates, staff and faculty, past, present and future.

Today's chapel builds up momentum to the launch of the New Library, with Sarah Hall giving us a short summary of her design of the wind tower. The wind tower comprises of several layers of glass. The first layer opens up like a book, reminding us that Regent College is an institution that is academic and lives and breathes by the Word of God. The second layer comprises of twelve shiny crosses, made up of photovoltaic cells that collects energy from the sun and lights up the surrounding of the library. The third layer has the Lord's prayer etched in Aramaic. Completely transparent, the wind tower allows light as well as reflect light in all its spectral beauty to the library surroundings. This project even captured the nationwide attention when it was first announced.

Some students lamented to me that Regent College without the library is like a newspaper without words. It is indeed strange that classes are ongoing, yet we are not able to access the library. I said to my friends: "It is well worth the wait." I have seen the library and it is a real beauty. If there is one more reason to come to Regent College, I must say, it is the new Regent Library: God's library.


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