Friday, January 26, 2007

Missions Fest 2007

Today I dropped by Missions Fest Vancouver 2007 at Canada Place. It resembles the exhibition and convention center at Suntec City in Singapore, except that instead of the electronics and technology companies on display, this time, it was a whole potpurri of Christian based organizations that showcased different aspects of missions involvement. There were organizations that provide training (eg Briercrest College, Trinity Western Uni, and of course Regent College. There are those which serve through the teaching ministry, and the helping ministry. Some are humanitarian focused and others are country focused. For those who are keen to know about missions, the exhibition is a great place to gather information and to determine one's level of involvement in global as well as local missions. I met a friend who came from Edmonton, volunteering in the Mission of Mercy Canada. His dad is also actively involved in the mission for Christ. It dawned upon me the wonder of God using two generations of a family in the common service for God. I am encouraged that both the father and son are serving the Lord in their respective manner.

I looked through the brochure for Missions Fest and realized that Gracia Burnham is one of the keynote speakers. It would be great to listen to what she has to share about her experience with New Tribes Missions (NTM) when she was there with her husband for 17 years. For those who do not know, the Burnhams was one of the victims kidnapped by the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf in the South-East Asian region. The Burnhams were kidnapped and detained for 376 days, before a fatal rescue attempt , which left her husband dead. Gracia was mercifully spared and was able to return to the US. You can read more about her biography here.

I am touched by the energy and enthusiasm missionaries like Gracia Burnham is able to continually share her love for the Philippines, despite her tragic encounter there. Live like that humble me. Other speakers this year include Os Guiness and Bruce Milne. The missions fest ends this Sunday.

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