Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You Never Walk Alone

Liverpool was soundly beaten this week, first they lost 3-1 to Arsenal in the FA Cup on 6th Jan 2007. Then they lost 6-3 to the same team in the Carling Cup on 9th Jan 2007. What made it more humiliating is that both defeats were at Anfield, Liverpool's home!

Looking at it retrospectively, I think we can learn a few things for Liverpool team, as a Liverpool supporter and as a human person. Points of Learning for:
1) Liverpool team
- the higher the stake, the greater the pressure to perform. This leads to a greater temptation to be impatient, to want to get at the opponent as soon as possible, leading to a lack of concentration on defending, resulting in a lapse of defense and concentration.
- the morale is key to any team performance. When the opponents scored a goal or two in succession, morale dips and failure to convert chances deepen that gloom.
- playing at home, with home support, often the players play their hearts out, often leaving the brains behind. Football is not merely passion and heart. It require players to think, adapt and above all be patient.

2) As Liverpool supporter
- Never give up. The legend is that Liverpool supporters will always stick with the team, for better or for worse. Just as we cheer the team in good times, we need to rebuke the team performance where needed. This week, we need to let the team know that lack of patience and the overconfidence in fortress Anfield perhaps caused the downfall.
- Never give up. Live to fight another day. Losing one/two games is not a disaster. It simply means, wait it out and concentrate on the game. Remember, brains and brawn are both needed.

3) Personally
- Keep playing according to strategy. A little patience is better than hasty action that leads to regret
- Never lose hope. There will be ups and downs. But behave lowly, yet looking upwards to heaven in hope. Stay the way towards consistency.
- Do not let statistics deceive. Whether the odds are 10-1 or 100-1, every game is the same: They all starts with 0-0.
- Never read statistics first. See it only after everything else is over.

Cheer up, Liverpool, Liverpudlians. You Never Walk Alone.


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