Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Great Friday Night out

Last night, my wife and I went to a Regent professor's house at the Northshore area. We took slightly more than an hour to reach there due to the heavy traffic. We arrived at a serene quiet and holiday-like place, with a wonderful view of the mountains and the seas, the forests and the wonderful fresh clean air. The house was cosy and warm. We had simple salad, tuna casserole, apple pie, chocolate brownies and vanilla ice-cream (yum!). The hospitality was simple but superb. Both the professor and his wife were fantastic hosts, ensuring that they sat with different groups throughout the night. It is interesting to note how giving they were with their time and their energy, in a society where many people will simply take the weekend off to do their own thingie. The act of hospitality is an art of love we need to recover as a church. Through being served, I watched and learned that serving others can be a joyous thing altogether. Sometimes we get too caught up with the logistics of serving people that we tend to forget that guests are not too disturbed with loose ends. Often they are more than ready to help. I note many of my fellow students constantly asking both the professor and his wife whether they needed any extra help.

We then played a game called Mafia where the professor's son taught us and became the narrator of the whole game to guide us along. Some of us are mafias, some policemen, some doctors and the rest are townspeople. The objective of the mafias (5) is to dominate the whole town and kill off everybody else. The objective of the police (2) is to arrest and try to apprehend the mafias. The doctors (2) will try to protect people by granting them some form of immunity so that if they are singled out to be 'killed' they can claim immunity. The trouble is nobody really knows who is who. It was fun. I was one of the doctors and my wife? She was the last mafia to be caught! And I actually gave this mafia immunity at some point! How silly of me.

Last night was pure delight. A Regent Experience 101.



Julio said...

You forgot to mention how good Mary was at playing the villain in the game. She almost won the game! You can not underestimate Mary.

YAPdates said...

i think i will be the last person to underestimate my wife. she constantly keeps me on the right edge of humility, especially when i am on the cliff of pride.

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