Monday, March 05, 2007

A Sunday adventure

Our minivan was hit from behind yesterday. I was travelling north along Dunbar and noticed from a distance that traffic on the other side of the road has stopped for a pedestrian handling three dogs on leash. I decided to do the right thing and stopped on my side of the road to allow the pedestrian to cross. All of a sudden, I heard a screeching brake and saw a large Toyota pickup came from behind and hit me. Oh no! My bumper. Both of us moved our vehicles to the side and exchanged our particulars. The man who drove the pickup looked like a nice man, and he looked visibly shakened. I asked him whether he is alright. He admitted he was a little shakened and was thankful I asked. He lives on Saltspring Island, and is apparently not too used to city driving in Vancouver. It is a good thing both of us simply took down information and not pass any judgment on what happened. I managed to get an eyewitness of the accident, and to let ICBC decide on the financial compensation. My kids looked anxious and I assured them that accidents like these could have happened to anybody.

We then went off to lunch: A belated birthday lunch for my wife. She wanted the kids to have this rare treat to a "Eat All You Can" at a Shabusen restaurant (Shabusen Yakiniku House) along Granville and 14th. Parking was initially a problem and just as we were about to give up, lo and behold, we found one opposite a Pentacostal Tabernacle church.

The restaurant is said to be very popular, and thankfully we were ushered to a table pretty quickly. There were chicken, beef and pork meat that can be barbequed, tonnes of Sashimi, Sushi, and fried Udon, miso soup, rice, vegetable salad, and lots of other choices. The stomach's the limit. We entered the restaurant like skinny ravenous wolves, and came out feeling like bloated puffer fishes. We ate so much that no one asked for dinner that night. One price for two meals? That's a great deal.

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