Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jolt Quote VI

"When I was first struggling with the permanent (but not eternal!) crippling of my left leg, many well-intentioned people kept asking if my foot was better, even though I had already deliberately told them that the bones had healed crookedly. Their frequent questions made me feel not acceptable because I was not making progress. The situation made me aware that many who already suffer from chronic illness or worsening handicaps suffer even more from the comments of those who want an instant fix. Instead, let us find ways in our Christian communities to encourage those with physical challenges to discover in their limitations extra opportunities for learning about the sufficiency of God's grace and the power of Christ's tabernacling." (Marva Dawn, Joy In Our Weakness, p120)

This is an indictment on our technological society mindset, where people can easily become frustrated and discouraged when things are not 'solved'.

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