Tuesday, September 18, 2007

(I) For Thine is the Kingdom,

[For Thine is the kingdom]
"ki le-kha" attributes to God like presenting a whole bouquet of flowers as a mark of worship. "ki" stops all of our restless souls to center our thoughts completely on God. it is yours, O Lord. To what end do we labour? To what purpose are we motivated towards? To whom do we live for? It is God's kingdom. It is for the sake of the kingdom, and it is for the King who reigns throughout all the heavens and the earth.

Take a pause and ponder on the coming kingdom, and let the Spirit teach us to live within the paradox of the kingdom having come, and the kingdom that is yet to come. Today, Jennie McLaurin shared at a packed chapel about living in tension, in the interim times. We need to learn to live in a tension of the now-and-the-not-yet. We need to be able to rest between the times of what has happened and what has yet to happen. Reflecting on her impending one year interim period as a dean of students, she opened her heart to help us understand that all of us are interim in some special way. Isn't that so true in our pilgrimage of holiness? Being at Regent now is also an interim period for many students. We have started on a step of faith, moving along in hope and will end and remain in love. This picture shows us that life is essentially many interim moments joined together under the motivation of living kingdom lives. If at each point of our interim moments, we are able to look at our achievements and what we aim to achieve, we can say directly to God: Yours is the kingdom, that will be the best interim moment we can ever have. While waiting and working towards glorifying God in some future time, let the interim moment remind us that we can worship and glorify God in the present time. The time is now. Let not busyness detract us from seeing the kingdom come in our lives. Wrap our works, our gifts and ourselves in our interim moments and present them as an offering unto God. For in God, each interim moment will be made beautiful in his time. In these moments, let it be a time that while we work for the kingdom, we do not forget the Person of the Kingdom: God.

Ὅτι σοῦ ἐστιν ἡ βασιλεία

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