Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mid-Day Prayer @ Regent

The chime sounds at 11.55am. It is a call to pause our various states of busyness. It is a call to come together at the chapel. It is a call to prayer.

Since the beginning of Fall 2007, Regent College has been having an unprecedented mid-day prayer everyday (except Tuesday) from Monday to Friday. This is one of the most significant community building events I have ever experienced. It lets God be the center of all our activities. I attended the session today and the chapel was packed with people praying for personal, community and world needs. "Take it to the Lord in prayer" is a common mantra. The 15 minutes of prayer time together bonds us together like no other. I think Regent College is sending an important message to all the students, staff and faculty that while Regent remains academically committed to the highest standards, our motivation is ultimately in God.

The chapel was filled with people of different nationalities. Regardless of years, and status, everyone prayed. A list of requests flashed on a Powerpoint slide is all it takes to start everyone praying. Faculty members turn out in force. By looking at God, our awareness of our various differences gives way to our recognition of our commonalities. Regent College has gotten off in a fresh new start, something every Christian will be proud of. I remember Henry Nouwen's observation of theological colleges losing their focus on the cultivation of spirituality in theological education. Today I am glad to say that Regent College has readjusted its sails towards God. That is something I am proud of. If you happen to be in UBC around 12pm everyday, come in for a 15 min prayer. Glory be to God.

By being attentive to this daily call of the bell, may we learn in our daily routine of hurried lives to be able to address our souls desire to be with God. May the people be ushered into the presence of the loving Father, in the name of the Son, Jesus Christ with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. For prayer is not so much about trying to get our needs met, but to meet the God of our Providence.



Ginimi.Chan said...

Dear Yap,
I enjoy very much reading your blog. Yes, I've also noticed that Regent has the mid-day prayer section introduced since this semester. Though I am now in Vancouver and thus I can't join in, I am glad to hear that you enjoy that, and with the prayer time, we are all reminded that God is the center of our lives.
I first learnt about mid-day prayer in Hindmarsh's Christian Spirits class. Since I came to Sydney, I tried to include this practice into my daily life. I would prayer-walk around my workplace after lunch, for about 10 mins, reciting the Lord's prayer for my suburb. It's really a precious time. It not only reminds me of God amidst of my busy life, but also the needs of my neighbours as I walk around the building of my workplace everyday.

YAPdates said...

Thanks Ginimi. Hope you have a wonderful time in Vancouver.

Ginimi said...

sorry Yap, I've type in wrongly...I should type I am "not" in Vancouver so I can't join in the mid-day prayer in Regent...I am now in Sydney, Australia.

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