Thursday, November 01, 2007

Links Regent Students Ought to Know

Here are some of the links that Regent students in Vancouver ought to know.

  1. Etcetera Online
  2. (This is an online newsletter available every week in Fall and Winter terms)

  3. LendList Online
  4. (Setup by a Regent student, this site promotes sharing one's possessions)

  5. Bookstore Online
  6. (Main Regent Bookstore website)

  7. Regent Radio / (itunes ver)
  8. (Lots of good audio to listen or buy. Some are free for you to download.)

  9. Regent College website
  10. (Regent College Public site)

  11. Paper Template Online
  12. (My own paper template!)

  13. Rivendell Retreat Center Click
  14. (Favourite Retreat place and very affordable too.)

  15. Libraries on Campus [Regent / VST / St Marks / UBC / VPL]
  16. (Books galore)

  17. Regent Students Intranet website
  18. (Regent students access only)

  19. Transit Link website
  20. (helps one to plan time for commuting by bus/subway)

  21. Regent Alumni Blogs website
  22. (There is life after Regent)

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