Monday, November 19, 2007

Useful Movie Evaluation Links

Here is a collection of links that evaluate movies from a Christian perspective. It is listed here for convenience, and does not necessarily mean I agree with all of their content. Note that they are all USA based. Interesting.....

  1. Childcare Action Project Movie Ministry
    Based in Texas, USA, this looks like a small independent group, concerned for movies that can impact children. Quite a number of interesting perspectives.
  2. Christian Answers Net
    A ministry of Eden Communications, based in Arizona USA.
  3. Christianity Today
    A popular evangelical ministry based in Illinois, USA.
  4. Crosswalk Ministries
    A for-profit organization, that belongs to a wider network called that is based in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Looks rather huge.
  5. GospelCom
    Member of the Gospel Communications International, famous for its ever popular Bible Gateway search engine, "Biblegateway", based in Muskegon, Michigan USA.
  6. Hollywood Jesus
    Aims to provide a spiritual point of view regarding modern pop culture. A member of the alliance.
  7. Movie Guide
    Founded by Dr Ted Baehr, the ministry aims toward "redeeming the values of the entertainment industry according to biblical principles." Based in Atlanta, Georgia USA.
  8. Plugged In
    A Ministry of Focus on the Family, founded by Dr James Dobson, based in

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Anonymous said...

I also like They write a bottomline and then link to other resources (Christian and secular).

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