Sunday, December 02, 2007

Followup to "The Golden Compass" Part 2

This is a followup to my earlier response. There is an interesting article on Christianity Today entitled: "The Chronicles of Atheism." It is one of the best articles written to engage thoughtfully the underlying themes of the book/movie. One of the most important point is in the confusing nature of the daemons in a child. This quote should illustrate what I mean.
One of the trilogy's main narrative devices is the "daemon." In The Golden Compass's universe, every human being is accompanied by an animal that reflects that person's soul. The daemons of young children constantly change shape, from one animal to another, because the children have not yet settled into their adult personalities.
Listen to the ensuing conversation in the clip below and put yourself in the position of the child. Two adults with different opinions. Two authority figures. Imagine them fighting their adult battles in the mind of a little child. Should the child believe a poise, cool attractive lady? Or an old bearded man? Who will the child trust? Will the child use this to generalize the need to be suspicious of all kinds of authority? Watch the clip here.

Personally, I liken stuff like this to planting the seeds of distrust of institutions, and undercut respect for the elderly. Movies like this are going to be more common. I think the atheistic background and intent of the writer of the book is easy to spot. However, what's more sinister are the subtle methods used to erode traditional values. If you are bringing your child to watch the movie, be sure to discuss it with them.

As far as Philip Pullman and those who try to market this kind of movie to kids, I have to say this: "Go pick someone your own size and leave young innocent kids alone." Perhaps we should get the authorities to change the movie from NR (Not Rated) to R (Restricted).

Welcome to the new Millennium and how the enemy has redrawn the battle lines.

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