Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Prosperity Gospel" not so prosperous after all

Prosperity gospel preachers are not immune from the present financial troubles invading the global economy. High profile ministries were highlighted in the February issue of ChristianityToday magazine. It is troubling to note that while the ministries are in trouble financially and legally, they still command a large following. My rule of thumb is that once any preacher has attained a superstar or cult status, the danger is that the flock can get distracted from God. They may use the name of God using sanitized words like 'power,' 'grace,' 'victory' and even invoking the name of Jesus to obtain their prosperity. Even more disconcerting is the temptation for followers to use God's name in whatever ways to 'protect' their star. While some may genuinely believe the prosperity message, there are impostors as well. There is a need to discern the difference.

A parody of the prosperity movement, also called "Name-It-Claim-It" or Word-of-Faith movement can be viewed below. How true is it? You have to decide it yourself.


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