Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Movie - Fireproof (must see)

Released in the Fall of 2008, with a budget of only about half a million dollars, as of Jan 19th 2009,this film has grossed more than USD33 million dollars. It is a movie about fireproofing one's marriage. The fundamental message is simple: Before anyone can save any marriage, something else must happen. Produced by Sherwood Baptist Church movie ministry called Sherwood Pictures, it comprises cast largely from members of the church and is good clean family entertainment. The actors and actresses are volunteers who believed in the message behind the movie, and this help keep the production costs low.

Even my seminary made a rare exception to recommend this movie to the entire community. My church showed the film last weekend and it was a real tear-jerker. Gather your friends. Include your children as well. Invite your church members and watch the film together. It is a heart-warming story that really drives home the message of faith, hope and love. Even the final kissing scene, the producers dimmed the lights and let the actual husband and wife smother each other. Talk about good and clean, this is it! Remember to have loads of tissues to pass around.......

You can watch the trailer below or click here.

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