Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do not Prejudge Anyone

Susan Boyles is a 47 year old participant of Britain's version of American Idol. Her performance is amazing. The saying that one should not judge a book by its cover, is overwhelmingly true in this stunning performance. You can also watch it on Youtube.

Sometimes it makes me wonder. If we have sought to see the best of anyone, we would not be surprised at all when one gives his/her best contribution. However, the fact that people can be so astonished reveals not so much of the singer concerned, but the level of prejudgment each of us inherently does inside us. The tainted trails of sin are in many places. That is why we need to constantly watch our ways, our thoughts, our words and seek forgiveness regularly for our trespasses.


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Rosie Perera said...

She reminds me of the Welsh mobile phone salesman, Paul Potts, who did a similar thing on the same show a few years ago, and also surprised everyone:

Click here to watchAfter that rise to public awareness, he has now become a professional opera singer. Looks like he's earned enough money to get his teeth fixed, too. Yes, we do still judge a book by its cover...

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