Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free Bible Audio Courses (Koinos)

Here is another excellent online resource for those too busy or too poor to go to Bible School. Sponsored largely by Richmond Chinese Alliance Church, BC Canada, the site comprises many lectures associated with Regent-College (my alma-mater). You can listen to lectures ranging from Bible knowledge, Old Testament, New Testament, Ethics, Worship, Church History, Theology, Mission as well as Christian ministry. There is also a section on Chinese culture, taught by a non-Chinese! Cool. Those of us familiar with Regent will recognize names like Miriam Adeney, Ward Gasque, Carl Amerding, Susan Phillips just to name a few. With Ward Gasque as the senior pastor of RCAC, it is no surprise that his passion for theological and biblical teaching is translated into such a wonderful resource for the Church.

KOINOS is developed by Pacific Association for Theological Studies (Seattle), some churches and institutions. Their seminars are updated here online. All the lectures from the previous seminar held at RCAC have been released to the public for free. Thanks RCAC. I think KOINOS is able to work with various churches to design a Christian education curriculum. You can contact them directly if your church is interested.



Ward said...

Thanks for giving this publicity to the Koinos program.


Ward Gasque

YAPdates said...

You're most welcome.


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