Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Balm of Healing: Forgiveness

This decade is awful. Images of terrorism raise fears. Economic turmoils raise uncertainties. Yet, I cannot hepl but feel even more, that the path to peace is not from this world. It is from above, and we need to let the peace of God that passes all understanding, to sink deep into our hearts. This begins with forgiveness.

This year saw the passing of a music legend, Michael Jackson. As my last post for the year, it is fitting to close the year with a reminder that the key to healing is forgiveness. May this song be a lasting legacy of Michael Jackson, and for all mankind. Peace.

Forgive One Another
The path to long-lasting peace is not military might, not political fights, not academic heights, not ethical right, nor security that is tight. All these things only peels away the superficial levels of people, resulting either in short-term truce or temporary peace. Worse, it raises fear. Why not rethink our approach?

It is only forgiveness that can bring true healing to all. It is only forgiveness that touches the heart. Only when we forgive one another like little children will there be lasting peace. Like a spiritual master once said,
"The moment when you understand, compassion is born in your heart. And now it is possible for you to forgive. . . not before that." (Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist Zen master)

For the Christian, there is a small but significant difference. Compassion comes with embracing Christ who first forgave us. Fighting back and retaliating may be easy, but it often ends in difficult and complex consequences. Forgiving is hard initially, even painful, but results in a long-lasting freedom that eases healing in human relationships. True peace comes from the Lord. It starts with forgiveness.


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