Saturday, April 10, 2010

Book: "Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow"

Title: Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow
Author: Nancy Guthrie
Published: Tyndale, 2009

"In times of deep sorrow and disappointment, everything we believe can be called into question." (xv-xvi)

How true this statement is. This book is written by a mother of two deceased young children, Hope and Gabriel, to a genetical disease. Written as part journal, part struggle, and part sharing of insights, it invites the readers to learn that Jesus is the Ultimate companion in our suffering. Using 11 phrases of Jesus, Guthrie honestly and earnestly lets her own struggles with these 11 difficult statements become statements that let Jesus comes into her life. Each chapter describes one insight, with brilliant juxtaposition of her questions and insights. Each chapter ends with a revealing perspective from Jesus. The book concludes with a helpful discussion for groups.

All in all, this book should provide a great comfort and companion to people going through pain and suffering.

My Comments
This is a deeply honest book. It does not mince emotions. It takes a suffering person, to understand a little more of the Suffering Christ. This is exactly what has happened as I read through the book. I find myself being moved from self toward Jesus; more willing to live with unanswered questions instead of hastily assembled answers; more able to appreciate the presence of Christ, over and above the availability of solutions. In a world filled with Do-It-Yourself manuals, technique driven stuff and solutions seeking problems, Guthrie's personal odyssey of pain and loss of her two children renders such solution-based literature shallow. As I reflect, after reading this book, I think of three things.

  1. Jesus has suffered more than anyone on this earth. Our sufferings only give us a glimpse of what Jesus has gone through. 
  2. When we seek God to find meaning about our pain and disappointment, we find next to us, not a solution but a Person. 
  3. Some of the most profound truths in life, cannot be understood but felt and experienced. Then and only then, can we hear Jesus speak. 
This is an appropriate book to read and to pray with, for people undergoing pain at difficult points of their lives. Filled with prayers, with insights from Scriptures, and an authentic oscillation of faith and doubt, the author guides the reader through the journey of pain and suffering. It can be heavy going at times, but once you have ventured through it, you will come out stronger and more trusting of Jesus, our Friend and our Guide.

Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5.



nancyguthrie said...


Your comments are a real encouragement to me. Thanks for such a thoughtful review.

YAPdates said...

Thank you so much for your comment. It is such an honor for me to hear directly from the author. Thanks for writing the very helpful book, and pray that God will continue to heal and to use you mightily to help others.


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