Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Francis Chan Leaving Cornerstone Church

I have been listening to Francis Chan's honest and powerful testimonies called "Crazy Love" and "Forgotten God." A senior pastor with a vibrant church in California, he believes that the Church congregation benefits more from a simple reading of Scripture, rather than indulging in complex theological debates and arguments. That aspect has helped Chan to grow the Church he founded into a nationally recognized church with many church plants. Chan himself is a rising star in evangelical circles, thanks to his bestselling books mentioned above.

Just yesterday, he announced to his church that he is not only stepping down from Cornerstone Church, but stepping out as well. The specifics are not out yet, but he is leading by example to venture out where he has never gone before. If you have been following his stories in the books he has written, you will not be surprised at such a decision. Chan is passionate about preaching against lukewarmness and prosperity. He says that Christians need to begin with an awareness of God as an awesome God. Then and only then we can start to live passionately for Christ, and to discard our human tendency toward lukewarm behavior. Prosperity and comfortable living are factors which often prevent Christian people from living out their full potential. Thus, Chan is known to radically invert the giving paradigm. Instead of tithing 10% of income to the Church, Chan is known to have given away 90%. Instead of relaxing in a cushy job, and glittering lights of popularity, he prefers to step down and move ahead in faith.

It will be interesting to note what next steps Chan will be taking. His options are many. It takes a man of faith to distill these many into one main goal that God is calling him to. I think for the modern Church, it is more difficult to choose one from the many, instead of one from none.


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