Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Roxanne's Law

In matters pertaining to abortion, there has been two major camps. The first is the Pro-Choice camp, where advocates will argue that pregnant women have the right to terminate or to keep their unborn child. This is also the group that supports abortion. The second group is the PRO-LIFE camp, where advocates support the sanctity of life, and the right of the unborn child to live. Abortion is absolutely prohibited, unless there are extenuating circumstances like the mother's life is endangered.

What about pregnant females being forced against their will, and forced to abort their unborn? This is the reason why Roxanne's Law is being introduced. Bill C-150 is a bill introduced by Canadian Member of Parliament, Rod Bruinooge in April 2010. Once it becomes law, it protects women's right to keep their unborn babies, and make it a criminal offence for anybody forcing or attempt to coerce such women to abort their child.

On February 2007 in Manitoba, a pregnant Roxanne Fernando was forced by her boyfriend to terminate her pregnancy. Roxanne refused and was beaten to death. This caused an uproar. Thus the bill is introduced to make sure there is another level of deterrent for anyone trying to hurt women who have chosen to keep their babies. This calls for respect of life, both women and their children.

My Comments
I think such a law is more symbolic and provides an additional level of protection for women to be protected. It is something which I believe Canadians at large will support. It may not eliminate totally all violence against pregnant women, but it can serve as an additional step to warn prospective people against bullying pregnant women into submission. If you want to support this bill, download this form and get signatures. You can also write to your local Member of Parliament representative and ask them to support Bill C-150. You can also share this message of Roxanne's law in your social circles.

For more on what you can do, you can click here for more details.


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