Monday, December 06, 2010

Melodies to make a Father Proud...

My kids participated in a piano recital on Dec 4th, 2010, last week at the Vancouver Masonic Center in downtown Vancouver. It makes me proud. There were a few 'oops,' perhaps due to loose nerves, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

1) Duet: "We Wish You a Jazzy Christmas" (Rollin)

Nice chirpy Christmas piece. Some oops in the middle, but overall a great combination.

2) Aaron: "Sonatina in C Major" (Schubert)

Smooth rendition. Bravo! Click here or view below.

3) Amelia: "Winter Scene" (Gillock)
This is a nice piece. Great effort, especially the use of pauses. Click here or the video below.



Joni said...

wow you have such talented children!! Amelia's piece is rather too short.. just when I was enjoying it, it came to an end!

YAPdates said...

Thanks for your kind words. My kids appreciate them.


Jamie said...

Wow,Amelia & Aron! Good job!
I played your video over our breakfast time so everyone was impressed and we enjoyed the wonderful music we heard to start our day!

I am imaged your parents must be so proud of you, because we are!



Chungs said...

Wonderful playing! They've got great potential(:

Aunt Jacqueline said...

Yes, the Father ought to be proud. Amelia and Aaron, well done!

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