Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Update for Regent-College online Resources

Regent-College has updated its online offerings. I offer it here as a service for Regent alums and anybody interested in Regent-College.

  1. The ETCETERA (link)
    - a student newsletter issue weekly during regular school terms. Includes the GREENSHEET that gives tips for students on a tight budget.
  2. CRUX online (link)
    - this issue Fall 2010 is free online.
  3. Regent-College Miscellaneous (link)
    - contains brochures, and publishing materials
  4. Regent Pulpit Swap (link)

  5. Alums only (link)

  6. Twitter @ Regent (link)

  7. Facebook @ Regent (link)

  8. Regent-College official website (link)

  9. Regent-College Library (link)

  10. Regent Bookstore (link)

  11. Regent Audio (link)

  12. Regent Radio (link)

    the following links are submitted by Sharon of Regent-College Alumni Office. Thanks Sharon!

  13. Regent Cosmos (link)

  14. Regent Marketplace (link)

  15. Regent Linkedin contact (link)

  16. Youtube video on Regent (link)

  17. Summer School 2011 (new!) [Thanks Rosie for this!)

Note: This link page will grow and get updated as new information is available.



Rosie Perera said...

Thanks for this, Conrade. I was not aware of the Cosmos website nor the issue of Crux online. Nice to have all these links in one place.

YAPdates said...

Thanks. If you know of new sites, point me to them and I will update this page with credits.


Rosie Perera said...

Here's another one that was just announced today.

So far it's redundant with the YouTube channel, and even has less content, but you never know. For completeness you might as well list it.

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