Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book: "Christian Basics" - (John Stott)

TITLE: CHRISTIAN BASICS - An Invitation to Discipleship
Christian Basics: An Invitation to DiscipleshipAUTHOR: John Stott
PUBLISHER: Baker Book House, 2003.

John Stott is one of the best known names in the evangelical world. A gifted teacher and a passionate preacher, this London-based scholar continues to make an impact for the Church through his writings. This book is one example of how his gifts have been so effective in equipping the Church in terms of discipleship.

Discipleship is not an option for anyone who calls himself a Christian. Basic Christianity is essentially about discipleship. In this book, Stott tackles three core basics:

1) Christian Beginnings;

2) Christian Beliefs;

3) Christian Behaviour.

In any vocation, one needs to start somewhere. Before one can grow, one needs to be born. Stott begins by showing readers how to become a Christian, how to be sure about our faith, and how to grow. Secondly, one needs to learn more about the Christian faith, and what Christians believe. He then goes on to describe the basic doctrines centered around God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, clearly mentioning the Triune God. God is One, in three Persons. Thirdly, any beliefs cannot simply be for the head. It needs to be demonstrated in behaviour and action. Here, Stott points out the moral standards, the basic spiritual disciplines to enable the believer to grow strong.

If you are a new believer, or one who needs to be reminded again about the basics of the Christian faith, this book is an excellent resource.


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