Friday, March 25, 2011

Regent Summer School 2011

Picture taken from Regent website
One of the reasons why Regent-College has been famous is the Summer School offerings. Like the chocolate chip cookies that made 'Famous Amos' popular, Regent's Summer School is among the best that North American theological institutions can offer.  Some of the famous names have included Alistair McGrath, Mark Noll, Dallas Willard, Eugene Peterson, Tremper Longman, Vinoth Ramachandra, George Marsden, and others on top of the regular world class faculty. This year, there will be familiar names like Susan Philips, Marva Dawn, Chris Hall, Bernd Wannenwetsch, Bruce Waltke, Christopher Wright and many others on the Regent full-time professors.

I have attended many of these classes during Spring and Summer each year when I was a full-time student. The courses were so good that I will choose the least number of credits required just to attend as many courses as possible. For example, for a 3-credit INDS requirement for my degree program, I will try to choose three individual 1-credit INDS courses just to enrich my learning. While it is a lot more work on my part, the privilege of listening to a wider variety of professors is invaluable. What makes it even more fun is the very informal environment at the college. Just sit down at the coffee table in the atrium, and you will most likely experience a wide variety of exposure and experience of students who come from all over the world. Remarkably, at Regent's summer school, you do not need to venture outside to see the world. The world arrives at your door step. Don't forget. The weekly evening public lectures are free!

My favourite parts of the Spring/Summer school each year are:

  • Huge variety of world class courses to choose from;
  • More casual atmosphere to engage the world and tap the rich theological minds;
  • Great sunshine and cheerfulness throughout the college;
  • Opportunities to audit many courses, esp those on 1-credit;
  • Lots of fun tours, exhibitions, walks;
  • Getting to meet friends and working professionals who do not have time to do theology full-time;
  • Coffee chats with famous professors;
  • A Regent experience that brings Evergreen memories;
  • Enjoying Vancouver at its best!

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