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Regent Spring School - 2012

Yesterday, I received a brochure for Regent College's Summer School programs. Time flies! Yet, the list of Summer School offerings that Regent is famous for, continues to impress. Having attended many of the Summer school programs, I can testify to the richness in both depth and breadth, helmed by both in-house faculty members supplemented by top theologians, teachers, preachers, and leaders in the evangelical tradition. This year is no exception. Brilliant.

Just a short note. The term 'Summer programs' is an all-encompassing term that covers both Spring School, Summer School, conferences, exhibitions, public lectures, and many more. I will describe the courses in 2 parts. Firstly the Spring School offerings which goes from early May to June. The second post will deal with Summer offerings that will happen from June and August 2012.

Here are some of the quality Spring offerings that I want to highlight.

A) Pastors Conference 2012: "Overflow-Spiritual Rhythms and Practices that Draw from Christ's Fullness"

This is the traditional curtain raiser to Summer School at Regent College. This year, three well known professors come together to teach from the need for an 'overflowing' life in Christ, in a world that is often overwhelming for ministry workers and pastors. I like the thrust of the conference that aims toward helping pastoral workers work from an overflowing grace from God. With the popular Darrell Johnson's extensive pastoral experience, Bruce Hindmarsh's deep knowledge of the Christian Church fathers and spirituality, Susan Philips's work on growth and spirituality, this conference packs more than a punch. Just thinking of this powerful combination is enough to whet one's appetite to overflowing hunger and thirst. This will be held from May 1-4, 2012. Register here.

B) Conference 2012: "The Next Great Challenge: Thinking Together about Aging"

Instead of the Regent Tradition Conference that usually invites two Professor Emeritus from Regent, this year, we have four renowned speakers. Margaret Somerville, a Laing lecturer at Regent back in 2004, Maxine Hancock, JI Packer, and James Houston, come together to share of their perspectives about aging. If you want to learn wisdom and well-formed thinking with regards to living and aging, this conference is a must attend, and will be held from May 18-19, 2012. Register here if you are interested.

C) Brief Notes on Courses from May 7th to June 8th.

Bruce Hindmarsh, recently elected as President of the American Society of Church History, will be teaching on 'Prayer: Five Traditions and Practices." Having attended his classes before, I am certain he will be drawing from the rich traditions of the Church fathers, the desert monks, the Medieval tradition, as well as some near 20th Century practices. Prayer is perhaps his strongest interest and passion. If you have money to attend just one course, this is the one to go. What makes this special this year, is the required prayer retreat to be held in Sumas, Washington. (Held May 7-13)

Then, there is Kathryn Greene-McCreight, who have published and will be teaching from a book of the same name: "Darkness is my only Companion." Greene McCreight is an ordained Episcopalian, who has personally endured depression. Her testimony is fantastic, having herself gone through bi-polar depression, and lived to tell her story. This course is highly recommended. (Held May 7-18).

For those of you who loved to study the Old Testament, Phil Long's course on "Archaeological Discoveries and the Bible" is worth attending. You can hear Long's passion and excitement coming through as he links the archaelogical discoveries with the biblical texts.

Many other professors teach from their strengths and published works like Glen Scogie's "Introduction to Christian Spirituality," Gordon Smith's "Conversation and Transformation," Craig Gay's "Christian Faith and Practice in a Post-Modern World," and many more.

Download the entire 2012 brochure in pdf here.


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