Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Faith That Overcomes (Testimony of Jacqueline Law)

Thanks to Timothy L who shared this, this farewell video of the HK star, Jacqueline Law has become a touching testament of faith. How one person who learns to overcome the challenges of life, economic hardship, questions of life, her struggle with deaf, and cancer, goes beyond simply trying to deal with her own struggles. She wants to give glory to God and hope to others too!

This video is mostly in Cantonese, with a little Mandarin sprinkled throughout. With both Chinese and English subtitles, readers will be warmed and encouraged to see and hear the powerful testimony of this brave sister in Christ, who died of pancreatic cancer in Singapore on June 30th, 2012 at the age of 46.

I learn from her life and her testimony about the importance of faith, of friends to share the pain and struggles, and of the Church that points one another toward the True Hope and Joy in God. Be encouraged. This video may be lengthy, but I assure you, it is worth your time. Set aside a part of your schedule, and then watch this.

The Full Video (about 40 minutes)

For those who are time conscious, I have placed the following links with headings for your convenience.

  1. Introduction to Jacqueline Law (0:00 - 7:07)
  2. Lightness of Soul (9:01 - 10:31)
  3. Video Background (10:32 -13:27)
  4. "Spiritually Strong when Physically Weak" (13:28)
  5. Challenge #1 Testing and Coming to Faith - (15:43)
  6. Challenge #2 - Encountering Deaf and Despair (19:51)
  7. Serving People in Love @ Mary Kay (21:44)
  8. Challenge #3 - Cancer and Chemotherapy (25:46)
  9. Love not Sympathy (28:46)
  10. Between Limits and Unlimited (31:26)
  11. Far Sighted Vision (33:18)
  12. Concluding Words (37:57)
Thank you, Jacqueline Law, for your life of faith, and your joy in the Lord Jesus that surpasses all worldly understanding. Rest in peace.


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