Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Midweek Meditation: Betrayal

Why is betrayal so heartbreaking? It is simply this. There is no such thing as an enemy who betrays us. In fact, enemies will try to destroy us openly or covertly if necessary. Only those who are close to us can betray us. That is why when Judas sold Jesus out, it is a type of betrayal that cuts straight to the heart. That is what I call a "direct betrayal." That is not all. When the rest of the disciples and Peter walk away from Jesus in his hour of need, that is an "indirect" betrayal. This Holy Week, remember too that with every sin we commit, with every refusal to confess our wrongs, we are betraying our calling as disciples to be holy, for God is holy.  

The Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples

As Jesus takes his last supper with his disciples, surely he knows who will betray him directly, and who will forsake him. Imagine the mood as he eats and drinks with his disciples. It takes great love and patience to bear with these imperfect people. It takes obedience and utter willingness to bore the cross for the sake of following the Perfect God fully.


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