Thursday, June 06, 2013

Our Bible Be Read (like we use our cell phones)

A dear brother in Christ shared with me this video that reflects our attachment to our cell phones. Many researches and surveys have pointed to the cell-phone as one of the most important possessions people can ever have. Losing one's cellphone can essentially mean losing a lot of personal information like photos, emails, text messages, contact lists, calendar, appointment schedules, and many more. Manufacturers have even made phones so light and fashionable that it can fit into any pocket, any purse, or any bag. With technologies like Bluetooth, there is no need to even pick up the phone to make calls. Some people can even feel lost or anxious when they are separated away from their prized possession.

What the creator of this video is essentially saying is: "What if we do to our Bibles what we do to our cellphones?"

  • Do we spend time looking after it and reading it?
  • Do we go to it first thing in the event of any emergency?
  • Is our relationship with God through the Bible more or less important with our relationship with our cell phones?
It may evoke some guilt feelings among those of us phone addicts, but if it can spur anyone to read more of the Bible, it is worth it. One more thing. I understand some readers will argue that they have downloaded Bibles into their cell phones, and so, when they take care of their cellphones, they are also taking care of the Bible. The cell phone is then a 2-in-1 device. I agree with that to a certain extent, except that, one then needs to ask how frequent they read their digital Bibles in the first place? I for one, have downloaded many versions of the digital Bibles, but compared to my printed copies, I do find myself reading less as the cellphones are so prone to distractions. For example, all it takes is one text message or an incoming phone call, and we can easily take the call, ignoring whatever we are reading.


Remember, it is the attitude of the heart that the video is urging us toward. An attitude that cherishes the Word of God, just like we cherish the ubiquitous cellphones we love.


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