Friday, July 05, 2013

Good End of Life

I was inspired when I watched this TED Talk by Judy MacDonald Johnston. With only a sample size of two persons that she had the privilege of walking and sharing life with, she lets us in on the five practices we can all adopt in preparing for an end of life. After all, we will all die one day. The only difference is when.

She begins with "What would be a good end of life?" What are the chances of dying well? For Johnston, it is about taking seriously both living well, as well as dying well. The five practices are:

  1. Make a Plan
  2. Recruit Advocates
  3. Be Hospital Ready
  4. Choose a Place and Caregivers
  5. Discuss Last Words
This video is well worth watching. Johnston has said it very well. We all are mostly concerned about "living well." We will also need to be more open and be ready to talk about "dying well."

Johnston has set up a website for anyone wanting to learn what it means and what it takes to die well.


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