Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Midweek Meditation: A Prayer for Tacloban

On November 8th, 2013, a super typhoon hit Tacloban in the Philippines. Many lives perished. Families distraught and the world watched in horror. How can we help? How can we pray? This week, we pray for the survivors, where some may be wondering why they are alive while their loved ones are dead.

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They escaped the waves, and survived the storms;
So many of their friends, colleagues, loved ones, didn't.

Wondering why they are still alive while others are not,
Guilt rains around, Confusion reigns all over.

They say: "Why them? Why not us? Why God?"
Questions mount about life;
Seeking answers about the dead, the dying, and the disaster.

Many questions, few answers.
What is the meaning of it all? 
Why must the super typhoon even exist?
Is there a God?

Like Job, we cannot understand the calamity that befall Tacloban.
We can only wait for help.
We can only look for hope.
We can only hope for light.

O Lord, help Tacloban.
O Lord, do not make the needy wait too long.
O Lord, help the rest of us remember the survivors in prayer.
Enable us to help whatever we can.


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