Thursday, March 06, 2014

Regent College Pastors Conference 2014

This is a publicity for the annual Regent College Pastor's Conference. The theme this year is "Transformation the Gospel Way." As usual, there are lots of marketing about the topics, the speakers this year, and the attractions of just coming away to a place called "under the green roof." That said, I ponder again why anyone ought to consider attending the conference. After all, is it just another conference?

Admittedly, sometimes I feel that there are way too many conferences. Maybe I have attended one too many myself. I remember going for every pastors conference during my four years at Regent. That said, there are three reasons why leaders and pastors in particular ought to consider going.

First, there is the opportunity to network and to know other pastors and workers in the ministry. Many pastors minister alone in different ways. It is an opportunity to take a break from the routine and to mingle with like-minded people working the field, on the same cause. I find this very life giving just to hear stories of different pastors in their ups and downs of ministry work. While there are complaints, there is also gratitude, showing us the reality of working among God's imperfect people. Pastors need friends and spiritual colleagues to be encouraged too. At the same time, they can learn from one another, and to go back to an environment in which they are able to reach out to each other and form new friendship networks.

Second, pastors need encouragement. The single biggest barrier to joy in the ministry is discouragement. It is only a matter of time for any one pastor to face this monster drainer of joy and zest for ministry. Self-care is critical for any healthy minister. The pastor's conference is one such opportunity where pastors will find out that they are not alone in their struggles.

Third, pastors come together in like-minded worship. Personally, I feel that is the highlight of the whole conference. While the conference markets the popular speakers, the interesting topics, and the gospel focus, it is the worship that humbles all of us to acknowledge that it is God's ministry and God will certainly provide and take care of His Church. I remember how the group of pastors and leaders pack the chapel and to bring the whole house down with unison in singing, in praying, and in loud praising. The very participation in this atmosphere is worth the price of the entire conference.

Dates: May 6th to 9th, 2014 (Tuesday to Friday)
Schedule: Details available here
Place: Regent College, Vancouver, BC
Cost: $340 until Friday March 14th. (After which it will be $380 per person).
Speakers: Mark Buchanan, Mariam Kamell, Rikk Watts, Ross Hastings, Rod Wilson, Jonathan Wilson, Soohwan Park, and Kevin Boonstra.

Go if you can. Bring a friend too.


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