Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Midweek Meditation: What and How to Pray?

How do we pray? Here is a nice piece of advice from pastor, Craig Groeschel.

"Pray about whatever is on your mind. When you find out your grandfather has cancer, pray that God would heal him. If your boss drives you crazy, talk to God about her. If you have headaches, tell God when it hurts. If your marriage is in bad shape, ask God to help. If you are considering replacing an older car, ask God for wisdom. Before starting on your term paper, pray for direction......But even when you don't see the results of your prayers around you, you may still sense God's loving presence as you grow to know Him. I've learned that any genuine communication to God may or may not change what God does, but your prayer will often change your heart or perspective. Prayer reminds you that you're not in control and keeps you close to the one who is." (Craig Groeschel, The Christian Atheist, Zondervan, 2010, p79-80)


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