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BookPastor >> "ESV Global Study Bible" (Free from Crossway)

TITLE: ESV Global Study Bible
AUTHOR: Crossway
PUBLISHER: Chicago, IL: Crossway Publishers, 2012, (1984 pages)

This is a treat from Crossway Publishers. As of April 13th, 2015, the electronic version of the ESV Global Study Bible was made available for free. As a not-for-profit ministry, the motive is to encourage greater Bible literacy and for readers to put the principles into practice. Multiple platforms are supported, ranging from conventional computer platforms, Apple iPhones and iPads, to versions for various ebook readers. Comprising an international team of educators, pastors, scholars, theologians, mission agencies, and leaders from around the world, this study Bible contains the entire English Standard Version (2011 edition), and a host of other resources like:
  • Charts and diagrams
  • Maps and Tables
  • Illustrations and Timelines
  • Facts
  • Character Profiles
  • Overviews of each book
  • Global Perspectives
  • Many articles
The contributors hail from Africa (Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia), Americas (Canada, Jamaica, USA), Asia (India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka), Europe (France, UK), and the rest of the world (Australia, etc). This one-volume study resource packs a punch for the unbeatable price of free, unless of course you want to get a hardcopy edition. Here is more from Crossway.

    - Complete ESV Bible text
    - 12,000 clear, concise study notes
    - The global message of each book
    - 14 new articles written by global Christian leaders
    - Introductions and timelines for each Bible book
    - Nearly 900 highlighted Bible facts
    - 120 Bible character profiles
    - More than 120 duotone maps and illustrations throughout
    - More than 80,000 cross-references
    - An extensive concordance
    - Glossary with concise definitions of key terms

As you download, say a prayer of thanks for the ESV team and the Global Bible Study contributors. They have worked a lot to simply give away their work. Maybe we can do some form of paying it forward?


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