Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Midweek Meditation: "Prayer at the End of Pilgrimage" (Stephen Doyle)

Often associated with a journey, the Christian life is a familiar one with ups and downs. This prayer gives thanks to God as one is at the end of a pilgrimage. Written by Stephen Doyle, it also reminds us that the end of one journey also prepares us for the start of the next one.

"Father, we have walked in the land where Jesus walked,
We have touched the soil and rocks where the seed falls.
We have seen the lilies of the field and heard the birds of the air.
We have been warmed by the sun that warmed Him and
      cooled by the breezes that touched His face.
We have been to the sea where He walked,
      and to the river where He was baptized.
We have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit where He first
      sent it, and anguished at the spot where He gave Himself for us.
We have rejoiced at the emptiness of the tomb and the
      fulness of His love in our hearts.
Be with us, as we continue our earthly pilgrimage to the new
     Jerusalem where every tear will be wiped away,
     and we will be with You,
     Your Son and the Holy Spirit, forever.

(Stephen Doyle, OFM)

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