Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Midweek Meditation: A Musical Peace in Love's River (Audio)

TITLE: Love's River: Calming Music, Soothing Music, Background Music, Dinner Music, New Age Music, Spa Music, Yoga Music, Relaxing Piano Music, Meditation Music
ARTIST: Laura Sullivan

This is a beautiful album for meditation and reflection, especially after a long day's work or when needing to find space to take a break, to rest, and to let our minds linger on spiritual thoughts. Laura Sullivan is an artist that has won a music emmy back in 2013.

Beginning with "Secrets of the Deep," one finds waves of piano melodies allowing one to swim freely without limit. The next song, "Wishing on a Dandelion" sparkles with ripples of hope and happiness. With the piano leading the way, one can follow the bright melody with lightly spirits. Then comes "Awakening to Love" which slows the mood down. Like waking up in the morning, one slowly allows the sleepy soul to awake, and to welcome the beginning of the day, the start of fresh hope, and to embrace the day or the night that is to come. The song "Blessed" is a nice reminder of how thankful we ought to be, for the ability to exercise our human senses, and to give thanks. "Holding Heaven" is a music of hope that much good and joy will come in due time. In "Moonlight Passage," we travel once again through the moods of ups and downs of life. The melancholic and sometimes haunting melody not only slows us down from the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern world, it gives us room to pace ourselves to human speed rather than technological rush. In "Love's River," Sullivan combines two piano playing styles together that reminds me of two persons in love. Like a flowing river, two persons dance with each other to learn, to move, and to enjoy each other's passions together. The song "Calligraphy" is the longest piece in the entire album. Like a musical poem, it flows like a musical essay with stanzas and choruses.

The whole album deals with the journey metaphor of life. Like waters reflecting light, the music reflects what life is essentially about. We need to take stock of what we can do and cannot do. We must learn from our mistakes, and celebrate our victories. In between is where most of us live in. The period of waiting can be a hauntingly anxious time of nothingness. During such times, we need help to be patient and to wait. Learning to rest and relax is becoming very challenging in our world of results and high expectations. We need to learn to slow down so that we can catch a breath. This kind of music ushers us into a mood of meditation and thankfulness.

I warmly recommend this album for your reflection. Though it is considered as "New Age," I would prefer to call it, meditative music for the soul. Learn to distinguish between good music and bad music, rather than all other kinds of differentiation. This album is good music.


This album was provided to be free by the producer in exchange for an honest review. 

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