Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Midweek Meditation: "Fitness Sign #6 - Leadership Development"

We continue with Gary McIntosh and Phil Stevenson's book "Building the Body" which is about the 12 characteristics of a fit Church. Last week, we talked about GOD-HONOURING STEWARDSHIP. This week, it is about LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT.


"Leadership development must involve leader-development capacity, a culture of leadership development, and a leadership development pipeline. Growth is more than a hobby; it is a habit. The person who chooses to be a leader developer must work at integrating the nine qualities below into their life.
  1. A leader developer appreciates others.
  2. A leader developer believes in the propensity of others to do their best.
  3. A leader developer praises people for what they have done.
  4. A leader developer empowers others.
  5. A leader developer listens and asks questions.
  6. A leader developer encourages and cares for others.
  7. A leader developer values clear thinking and strategic action.
  8. A leader developer  continually learns and places a high value on personal growth.
  9. A leader developer accepts personal responsibility to develop others." 
(adapter from McIntosh and Stevenson, "Building the Body", Baker Books, 2018, p97-100)

Tips: A church that develops leaders would:
  • Have identified those gifted and called to leadership;
  • Actively recruit and assess qualified people for various roles;
  • Welcome new leaders within the congregation;
  • Formally evaluate all leaders annually;
  • Recognize and Honour people for their effective leadership;
  • Trust leaders and follow them;
  • Hold leaders accountable for clearly defined expectations.

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