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Me and my wife
My name is Conrade Yap. The right way to pronounce my name is 'Conrad' with a silent 'e,' much like the way the Greek word 'pi' with the food word 'pie.' I was born in Malaysia, but lived for much of my life in Singapore.  As a young boy then, I dislike girls. Girls then are meant to be avoided, and if necessary, made fun of. Little did I know, when I meet this gorgeous girl, all my discriminative ideas are purged. I even married her and have 3 great kids. Oops! They are teenagers now. Time flies.

I worked for nearly 15 years in the Information Technology industry, with several well-known technology firms. Armed with Engineering and business degrees, I travel far and wide. I work long and hard. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe that Jesus died for my sins, and that He is the Saviour of the world. I believe that Jesus will come again and restore his kingdom to the fullest in heaven and on earth.

In 2004, my wife and I decided to come to Canada to study at Regent College, that great little place with a green roof that shelters loads of excellent professors. Names like Dr James I. Packer, Eugene Peterson, Bruce Waltke, Paul Stevens, and many others. Impressed. I was, until they tore me and humbled me to pieces with their brilliant questions poorly propped up by my measly answers. Thank God, I got my Masters of Divinity degree after all that torture.

I completed my doctoral studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, located in the state of Massachusetts on May 2012. My dissertation is entitled: "The Sabbath as a Stairway of Trust: Glimpsing the Heavenly Through Earthly Rest." I have previously served as pastor with Lord's Peace Chapel, a small church located in the South side of the city of Vancouver. Since April 2016, I have been pastoring the English Congregation at Tri-City Canaan Church.

I love reading. I enjoy writing. I delight in blogging. I spend a lot of time reviewing new books. I hope this blog will bless readers like you. My interest is in all things technology, theology, Christian life, Church and culture, teaching and preaching, reading and writing, and many more. If you like to invite me to speak or to preach in your Church or organization, do write me at "yapdates@aim.com." Some of my previous engagements include topics like:

  • "The gospel according to Google."
  • "Talk on comparative religion."
  • "Sabbath Keeping"
  • "Discipleship."
  • "Youth group talks, like dating, relationships."
  • "Technology and Social Media"
  • Leadership, and more...
Feel free to explore my other blogs as well. Have fun reading.

Conrade Yap, D.Min
Email: yapdates @ aim . com

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